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I grew up on Mountain Pelion, in Greece and as long as I can remember, I loved its wild nature. My dream was always to show people the beauty of my region; this rare combination of forested mountain and open sea. I created Pelion Scout, a travel agency focused on outdoor activites and tours, in order to make this dream true.

George Xiradakis
Founder, Pelion Scout


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Whether you have booked one of our packages or you are just a guest in Pelion, our daily activities are available for all.

No previous experience is needed, even for the most adventurous of them. Our goal is to make them available and fun for everyone!





A rare combination of forested mountain and open sea!


Mount Pelion is located in the region of Thessaly, in central Greece, between the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Its lush colorful forest is situated above the city of Volos.

According to greek mythology, here lived the centaurs, mythical creatures that were half-men half-horse, which is the reason why it is widely known as the mountain of the Centaurs. It is also mentioned as the summer residence of the olympian gods.

The 24 villages of Pelion, as we know them today, were developed during the ottoman occupation and from 1750 onwards they met a great period of economic and cultural growth.

With its own characteristic traditional architecture, its many customs and traditions, a most delicious cuisine and a rich history in the fields of arts and literature, Pelion can fascinate every visitor.

The rare combination of sea and mountain, with charming beaches and forested slopes, renders it a hidden and magical place to be explored and discovered throughout the year.


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