Things can happen when you’re travelling that are out of your control, so insurance comes in handy. Considering the unpredictable nature, remote destinations and conditions encountered on some Pelion Scout tours it is required to have travel medical insurance, and trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money to enjoy your holiday – why not spend a bit more to safeguard it?

Upon starting your tour, the Pelion Scout leader or guide will ask everyone to provide a copy of their insurance details to keep on record. Failure to provide this information can, and has, resulted in travellers being unable to continue on tour, so don’t leave home without it.


What insurance is required?

Travel medical insurance is mandatory. With a wide variety of company, credit card and travel policies out there, how do you know if your coverage is sufficient for our style of adventure travel? Our insurance policy coverage is for medical emergency evacuation and repatriation. If your pre-existing coverage does not meet these needs, you will be required to purchase travel medical insurance.


Why should I get cancellation insurance?

Adding cancellation insurance to your medical insurance is optional, but always recommended. By having ‘all-inclusive’ coverage you do not need to worry about emergencies that can happen any time, any where, before or during your travels. Including the cost of your airfare, as well as your tour(s), ensures that you do not have to worry about any unforeseen situations such as having to rush home to a family member or having a tour changed or cancelled because of a natural disaster.